An acclaimed German company from the DAX stock market index has suddenly met its end.
In June 2020, Wirecard AG requested Munich Local Court to open insolvency proceedings.
The company’s share price crashed on the news. The events have affected the company’s
investors, contractual parties and clients. Its employees, their employment with the company,
and their shares, financial means and data have also been affected. Wirecard’s insolvency
raises many questions with regard to its liquidation.


Germany is only just beginning to come to terms, both legally and politically, with one of the biggest investment scandals in recent times. The managers concerned are the subject of extensive investigations by the Public Prosecution Office of Munich, based on the strong suspicion that they have committed serious crimes. To date, no politician has accepted responsibility; it also remains unclear whether the state may be liable for regulatory mistakes it made. The role and responsibility of EY (Ernst & Young), which until 2018 audited Wirecard’s annual financial statements without raising objections, also remains unclear. However, EY will most definitely be the subject of an intense debate about potential liability for serious misconduct.



If you are a financial institution, you may become the target of law firms representing investors. This may be the case, for example, if an investor acquired a share or an investment certificate on the basis of advice given by you, or if the acquisition of shares or certificates was part of an asset management strategy. We will help you defend yourself against claims by customers.

If you are an institutional investor, for instance an insurance company or a local authority, you may be entitled to claim damages from persons that acted in Wirecard’s name, or from auditing firms or financial supervisors. We will help you assert your rights in all these cases.

If you are a contractual party or an employee of Wirecard AG, or of another company of the Wirecard group, you might be directly affected by the insolvency. Our experienced team of lawyers will help you in enforcing your claims.

Banks advising clients, savings banks, and financial services companiesInstitutional investors in Wirecard AGContractual parties of Wirecard AG and of other affiliated companiesEmployees of Wirecard AG and of other affiliated companies



We can examine whether there are any potential claims

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