• Intellectual Property Rights
  • Trademark Law
  • Competition Law
  • Media Law


Judith Burkamp studied law at the University of Cologne and completed her legal clerkship at the Cologne Regional Court. She has specialized in media law, competition law and intellectual property rights. During her studies, she worked at the University of Cologne at the Institute for Broadcasting Law. Before and during her legal clerkship, she worked as a research assistant for a law firm specializing in media law and intellectual property rights. As part of her legal clerkship, she completed an internship at a chamber for commercial matters of the Cologne Regional Court responsible for the area of competition and trademark law. During her legal clerkship, she also worked for the WDR. In order to deepen her specialization, Judith Burkamp completed a master’s degree (Media Law and Media Management, LL.M.) at the TH Köln.

Judith Burkamp joined CBH as an attorney in 2020. Her focus is on trademark and sign law. In these areas in particular, she advises companies in and out of court as well as before the respective offices on a national and international level.


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