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  • Transport and Forwarding Law
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Lawyer Dr Torsten Stefaniak studied law in Frankfurt/Main. He was admitted to the bar in 2009 and has since worked in banking and capital markets law as well as in forwarding and transport law.

The specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law advises and represents banks and investment brokerage companies throughout Germany, in particular in the fields of investment advisory law and credit law. For forwarding agents and logistics companies he prepares contractual terms and conditions, advises and represents them in liability cases before state courts and arbitration tribunals.

Dr Torsten Stefaniak completed his doctoral studies on antitrust and regulatory requirements in the business sector at the University of Cologne under Prof Dr Ulrich Ehricke.

Dr Torsten Stefaniak is a member of the Working Group on Banking and Capital Markets Law, the German Society for Transport Law and the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht. Dr Torsten Stefaniak is a regular speaker, most recently on current issues of logistics law at the TH Köln.


  • Der Einsatz von Drohnen bei der Güterauslieferung – ein aus transportrechtlicher Sicht zukunftsträchtiges Geschäftsmodell für Speditionsunternehmen und Frachtführergesellschaften?,12.06.2018, IBoA-Tagung der TH Köln