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Dr Christoph Naendrup studied law at the Universities of Bonn and Strasbourg (France) and Sydney (Australia). A two-year period as a research assistant at the Institute for Commercial and Business Law at the University of Bonn (Chair of Prof. Dr. Daniel Zimmer, LL.M.) followed during his doctoral studies. Dr Christoph Naendrup spent his legal clerkship in Bonn, Cologne and Paris.

Dr Christoph Naendrup has worked for CBH since starting his career as a lawyer. The focus of his work as a lawyer lies in advising companies on all questions of German and European antitrust law, commercial and distribution law and general corporate law. In all areas, Dr Christoph Naendrup advises and represents his clients in disputes, whether before the state courts or before arbitral tribunals, always with a view to finding the best economic solution for the client.

He advises on antitrust law in all matters in connection with horizontal agreements (including representation / defence before the Federal Cartel Office or the state antitrust authorities). Dr Christoph Naendrup also advises on cooperation between competitors (e.g. purchasing associations, advertising associations, etc.), on merger and acquisition control (national and EU), and on all questions of distribution antitrust law (exclusive bindings, restrictions of online distribution, sole and selective distribution, non-compete obligations, etc.). Dr Christoph Naendrup regularly lectures on antitrust law topics and was lecturer for antitrust law at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne from 2011 to 2015.

In addition, Dr Christoph Naendrup advises on the drafting of and disputes arising from distribution agreements, both national and cross-border, as well as in general corporate law (choice of legal form, formation, drafting of contracts, corporate housekeeping).


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