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After completing her studies and doctorate, Dr Anja Bartenbach was admitted to the bar at the beginning of 2006 and has been with CBH since then. While working, she completed the LL.M. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Law at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

Dr Anja Bartenbach works in the field of intellectual property law. One of her main areas of practice is advising and representing national and international companies in matters of employee invention law and patent law. She also specializes in license agreement law.

Within the scope of employee invention law, Dr Anja Bartenbach has specialised in particular in corporate group matters relating to inventions. In 2018, her work “Arbeitnehmererfindungen im Konzern” (“Employee Inventions in the Corporate Group”), which deals with all cases occurring in the corporate group, was published in its 4th edition by Carl-Heymanns-Verlag. At the same time, Dr Anja Bartenbach is co-author of the 26th edition of the book “Kersten/Bühling, Formularbuch und Praxis der freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit” (Kersten/Bühling, Book of Forms and Practice of Voluntary Jurisdiction) and the book “Erdmann/Rojahn/Sosnitza, Handbuch des Fachanwalts gewerblicher Rechtsschutz” (Erdmann/Rojahn/Sosnitza, Handbook for Intellectual Property Lawyers). In addition, she has published numerous articles in the trade journal “IPkompakt”.